Accounts Receivable Clerk Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Accounts Receivable Clerk?

Accounts Receivable Clerk in Detroit:
"Acc Rec."
Pros: It's interesting to see the flow of money coming in and going out. Gives you a better feel on who you need to focus on to do collections.
Cons: Sometimes collections can be complicated since other companies aren't always ready to pay you.

Accounts Receivable Clerk in Sherman Oaks:
"Corporate Culture."
Pros: I am very happy with my manager he is always there to listen. Working in Accounts Receivable I conduct Move in audits and Deposit audits. I also do the banking for the company.
Cons: Salary pay is not equal. Seems like your work is not valued sometimes it depends who you work for.

Accounts Receivable Clerk in Lansing:
Prepare for change and new/added responsibilities daily.

Accounts Receivable Clerk in Columbus:
"How much time I would have to spend revising invoices/billin."
Be respectful and be patient with the people you work for. They change their minds often!

Accounts Receivable Clerk in Springfield:
"Wage compensation not equal to years of service."
Do not expect wages to keep up with industry norm.

Accounts Receivable Clerk in Worcester:
Get a degree as soon as possible. Diversify your skills.

Accounts Receivable Clerk in Fairfield:
"Scheduling daily routines and unexpected issues."
The first few years were fairly easy to complete the daily workload, but as the computer age took on more and more details that I no longer had to search and add to the invoices I created, I was given other tasks and time pressure became more and more an issue. Take the first 5 minutes in the day to schedule work. This might be a little difficult at first, but as you learn to stick to your schedule, it gets easier and you get more experienced in planning your routines and unexpected interruptions.