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Discover how our award-winning compensation technology helps organizations adapt to evolving market conditions.

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Trusted, diverse data

Navigate market uncertainty with validated, always-on compensation data from multiple sources delivered transparently through Payscale’s trusted data platform.

Insights to #getpayright

Make consistently smarter compensation decisions with greater confidence by leveraging our analytical insights and advanced reporting tools.

Operational speed

Outperform the competition with technology that enables compensation best practices and keeps pace with the change of modern business.

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The largest repository of salary data in the world

Payscale collects, validates, and analyzes salary data from both traditional and nontraditional sources. Our data collection is strongly correlated with the size of the pool being considered, representing the diversity of the general workforce. With our AI-powered compensation software, you can make clear, confident decisions.

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Why do more than 10,000 organizations trust Payscale to #getpayright?

Organizations working with Payscale have an Adaptive Compensation Advantage to better compete for and retain top talent. Payscale provides organizations with a trusted data platform to drive decision making, insights to get pay right with easy access to both industry and organizational data, and operational speed to drive adaptive change.

Respected and reliable compensation expertise

The Payscale team has over 400 years of combined compensation experience. This means that the team building technology and delivering customer service have been in your shoes. Not only do they understand compensation, but they have experience building out world-class compensation programs at companies around the world. Additionally, in todays’ modern world, our teams are tackling new age issues in compensation; pay equity, market trends, remote work, and other cutting edge issues impacting pay.

Payscale’s community of more than 10,000 customers represents over 30% of the U.S. workforce. Organizations of all sizes rely on Payscale to help establish, maintain and improve their compensation programs. Join the Payscale community online with forums, virtual events and in-person experiences to connect you with other leading compensation professionals and industry leaders.

Payscale has teams of experienced compensation professionals who serve as an extended member of your compensation team. We offer service projects focused on helping you set up or improve core aspects of compensation strategy so you can focus on what matters most to you. Payscale also offers a variety of learning experiences throughout the year to keep you up to speed with the latest compensation trends and product updates so you can maximize your investment.

Leading survey publishers choose to partner with Payscale because of our open data strategy, pro publisher philosophy, and our commitment to transparency and data integrity. Payscale has established a partner ecosystem with over 3,000 survey providers including some of the largest names in compensation data like Mercer and Empsight to make it easier for you to participate in and leverage survey data for your pay strategy. Major investments in API technologies which integrate across the broad spectrum of HRIS providers.

Payscale believes that the best innovation comes directly from those who use our technology every day. Therefore, we have a variety of opportunities to provide feedback on our solutions so that we can constantly improve them for our customers. This includes in-product opportunities to submit new ideas for improvement, active customer involvement in research opportunities throughout the year and a Comp Collective program where you can meet with your peers and Payscale teams to give input into the product roadmap. Customers will learn about ongoing updates through a weekly newsletter and ongoing webinars to share in-product updates.

Over 150,000 jobs are priced annually through Payscale platforms. Organizations of all shapes and sizes leverage Payscale technology including 52% of the Fortune 500. Payscale technology is built so that organizations can easily grow and scale to leverage the exact data and functionality they need. Payscale is also the only compensation technology company which offers a freemium solution to evaluate the platform and explore many of the enterprise features.

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