Benefits Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Benefits Specialist?

Benefits Specialist in Sunrise:
"Great area easy to get around."
Pros: Close to hkme

Benefits Specialist:
The residents are amazing, front line staff work to keep them safe and comfortable and feel loved. Management, on the other hand, only care about their paychecks. There is little to no training for front line staff, yet management gets a LOT of training that they never pass down to those who need it most. The Executive Director is very personable but out of touch because the directors tell her how wonderful things are, and she doesn't investigate. Our Dining department is in shambles, as is Home Care, Health Services and Resident Care Services. Our human Resource department has only one person worth anything and her hours are being cut. No one else there can be trusted. I wouldn't recommend this company at all.

Benefits Specialist in San Diego:
"Benefits Administrator of health, dental, vision, 401k, etc."
Welcome to the field of Benefits! With all the new ACA changes taking effect, you will become a busy bee! Your main responsibilities will be processing health, dental, vision, life insurance, and 401(k) enrollments, FMLA, leave of absences, etc....and some payroll processing when needed.

Benefits Specialist in Atlanta:
Pros: This job has allowed me to see various areas of the company. Salary ranges matched up to jobs within the company as well.

Benefits Specialist in Springfield:
Pros: Small town atmosphere.
Cons: Opportunities are limited.

Benefits Specialist in San Angelo:
"Great Job Satisfaction / Low Pay."
Pros: Helping Veterans and Dependents with their federal and state education benefits provides a large amount of job satisfaction.
Cons: Long days, grumpy customers, and little recognition.