Billing Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Billing Specialist?

Billing Specialist in Southfield:
"Boring place to work."
Pros: Short commute. That is the only thing I like about working in Southfield.
Cons: It's boring. If you take a walk during the day there's nothing much to look at.

Billing Specialist in Portage:
"Work Flexibility."
Pros: I am able to work independently or with assistance as needed.
Cons: There are no paid vacations or 401-K benefits.

Billing Specialist in Raleigh:
"Better Salary."
Pros: More thing to do outdoor! Weather!
Cons: Terrible salary pay! Too Micro-Managed!

Billing Specialist in Atlanta:
Pros: Okay, nothing great. Marta near by.
Cons: I find the people I work with ate not very friendly or socia. Midtown, food is expensive.

Billing Specialist in Chicago:
"Highly engaging."
Pros: Multi-tasking, training of others, work independently, teamwork, customer and vendor relations.
Cons: Growth opportunities.

Billing Specialist in Murfreesboro:
"Work flexibility, stress level, management."
Pros: Work flexibility, management.
Cons: Stress level.

Billing Specialist in Aurora:
"Do Not Expect Organization."
Be open to teaching yourself in order to give your best.