Caregiver Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Caregiver?

Caregiver in Colorado Springs:
Pros: The people and making a difference.
Cons: The pay for the amount of responsibility we have.

Caregiver in Rochester:
"The work has been satisfying at times. At other times, it w."
Pros: I like being able to supply the meal and the conversations.
Cons: Knowing client is lonely at times.

Caregiver in Vancouver:
"Bonding with the elderly."
Pros: Helping make a difference in people's lives.
Cons: Not being there when they help cause I can't work 24/7.

Caregiver in Vancouver:
Pros: I get to help people.
Cons: Long hours, stress, 6 days.

Caregiver in Houston:
Pros: Taking care of a woman in need.
Cons: I get yelled at everyday and everything I do is wrong. No flexibility. Cannot take care of my own responsibilities.

Caregiver in Fallbrook:
Pros: Helping others especially older people.
Cons: Some times your management doesn't appreciate your job.

Caregiver in Glendale:
"Being a caregiver."
Pros: I love caring for both the elderly and disabled community . I love helping others and building a companionship .
Cons: I feel the pay rate isn't fair .