Chiropractic Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Chiropractic Assistant?

Chiropractic Assistant in Duluth:
"Not compensated well for your work."
Pros: people are kind and nice
Cons: not compensated well

Chiropractic Assistant in Edmonds:
Pros: The people, the community. It feels like family no matter where you go.
Cons: Everyone knows everyone. There are a lot of elderly people.

Chiropractic Assistant in Akron:
"Its a fun job."
Pros: I love how happy patients are when they leave the office. I love all the patients they are kind and generous.
Cons: We have no benefits, no bonus's, no medical.

Chiropractic Assistant in Plano:
Pros: That every day we learn something new either about their health and how we can help of new ways to keep our patients in better health.
Cons: When trying to educate the patient in their current health and the reasons why our Drs practice could benefit them but they choose to not continue to get treated.

Chiropractic Assistant in Columbia:
"Office Manager."
Pros: Independence; I am responsible for all communications to and from the office as well as co-managing PIP cases with attorneys and orthopedics in the area.
Cons: I would appreciate being contracted as I have been at previous jobs. Also I would enjoy paid time off after a specific amount of time spent with a company.

Chiropractic Assistant in Escanaba:
"I wish I would have known how crazy the hours can be."
Be prepared for the ride of your life. It is such a fun and interesting job yet can be so crazy at times. If you want a job that keeps your mind alive and working, this is the job for you. Things are ever changing and keeping up with changes can be overwhelming at times. I wouldn't change it for the world.

Chiropractic Assistant in Waterford:
Pros: The people and the children really put a smile on your face.
Cons: The pay and sometimes the hours.