Construction Foreman Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Construction Foreman?

Construction Foreman in Oregon City:
"Baby Steps."
I would suggest you take thing one step at a a time so you do not become overwhelmed, or afraid of your new position. You will learn as you go and the superintendent doesn't expect you to be perfect, know everything, have all the answers. He will be watching to see how you pick things up and handle different types of situations. If you have kept in contact with your old foreman now would be a good time to keep in contact with them so you can look at how they have handled similar situations they have had in the past. Sink or swim buddy... Good luck.

Construction Foreman in St Johnsbury:
"Keep your head up."
Keep striving for more I know it isn't much but at the right place it can mean a lot. Don't expect to get rich unless your working for a place with a lot of room for growth.

Construction Foreman in Denver:
"Foreman advice."
Focus on the details. Dont be affraid to tell coworkers how you feel about there work but still give them respect.

Construction Foreman in Victoria:
"It doesn't pay much."
Make it clear what you want before you agree to do this.

Construction Foreman in Asheboro:
"What the cap was on incom."
Check what the pay scale is and look into pay caps.

Construction Foreman in Boise:
Work hard be reliable and on time and go the extra mile.

Construction Foreman in Buffalo:
Pros: Concrete.
Cons: Bad equipment, management error.