Construction Foreman Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Construction Foreman?

Construction Foreman in Los Angeles:
"The pay isn’t great."
Be assertive without being rude, get to know the people that work with you

Construction Foreman in Rochester:
Learn as much as you can from your leaders and lead by example.

Construction Foreman in Soldotna:
Pros: It's my home town. I don't think I could call anywhere else home.
Cons: There are to many excavation companies competing for the same jobs.

Construction Foreman in Charleston:
Pros: Beautiful weather, great food, new construction all over the downtown area.
Cons: Alot of out of town, additional traffic.

Construction Foreman in Denver:
Pros: The weather is beautiful and the people are nicer here than a lot of places. There is a ton of work.
Cons: Traffic! Because Denver is growing at an alarming rate, the traffic is horrible.

Construction Foreman in Pomona:
"Great experience."
Pros: The environment im around and great people to work with.
Cons: The traffic in the major streets.

Construction Foreman in Albany:
Pros: There is always plenty of work to do renovating old home. And there is a wide veriety of different things to do each day.
Cons: The pay scale Sean's to be not the greatest.