Dietary Aide Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Dietary Aide?

Dietary Aide in Red Bluff, California:
"Not very good."
Pros: It's close and I don't spend a lot getting to work.
Cons: Lack of good jobs and ability to move up.

Dietary Aide in Bluffton:
"Close to home small community."
Pros: Close to stores like Dollar general and gas so I don't have to go far to get what I need.
Cons: All back country roads that run north south get little attention to them during bad weather can be dangerous strong probability of drifting.

Dietary Aide in Wausau:
Pros: If you love to cook, make small meals or make things for others; this is a rewarding job to feed the elderly to children as young as infancy. As ssomeone who never got to go to college for a dietetics degree, this is maybe the next best thing without having to stress college atm.
Cons: Depends where you go h9urs very. Thankfully I got a 40 hour a week position with decent enough benefits. Sometimes would like higher pay ( who doesn't need it in the economy), but can't complain much.

Dietary Aide in Salida:
Pros: I love serving the residents. I love the residents I love making them smile It is very rewarding.
Cons: High turn over, always understaffed, having to do other people's job,

Dietary Aide in Greencastle:
Pros: My hours and location.
Cons: My income.

Dietary Aide in Youngstown:
Pros: Free Food!
Cons: The hourly rate.