Electrician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Electrician?

Electrician in Dubai:
Pros: Offering solutions.
Cons: Fault diagnosing complicated machines.

Electrician in Topeka:
Pros: I like to build things for people.
Cons: Bullies and harsh jokes used upon me.

Electrician in Norcross:
Pros: Learning how to build electrical systems.

Electrician in Los Angeles:
"Like a professor/teacher."
Pros: In line of my profession I always encountered challenges in my work. Even if it is very hazardous sometimes the area is unsafe. But, I always do my job to make it better.
Cons: In line of my profession sometimes I encountered electric shock while I troubleshoot in control panel or other electrical equipment.

Electrician in Hawthorne:
"Electrical work."
Pros: Being an electrical is probably thee best construction Work you can do. Involves using your mind. More you know and can learn, the more money you can make. Not too labor intensive. Field is well respected from others. Good benefits.
Cons: Long hours sometimes. Feeling of getting overwhelmed by meeting deadlines. At times it gets very stressful.

Electrician in Boise:
"I love it."
Pros: The people I work with and my job in general.
Cons: The pay.

Electrician in Monte Vista:
Pros: Best boss ever!
Cons: No savings plan.