Electrician Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Electrician?

Electrician in New Brunswick:
"How far can you go?"
Work hard, fast, and efficiently. Mistakes happen, it's ok, just try not to let it happen often. Make sure you make your own notes on your pay and hrs worked. Ask frequently about taking on my opportunities within your company and make sure there is room for growth.

Electrician in Salt Lake City:
"I wish I knew it was all about politics and not working hard."
Go to school and don't work too hard.

Electrician in Wichita Falls:
"Getting by."
Pros: There is a little bit of travel associated with my job.
Cons: There is no set schedule. My hours change every day.

Electrician in Phoenix:
"Expect nothing."
New electricians will work at least three times as hard as older electricians or journeyman and receive less than half of the praise, in general. You're expected to WANT to learn the trade, more than just know something. You should be punctual and most importantly teachable.

Electrician in Columbus:
"The hrs required for the field can be extreme with callouts."

Electrician in Westfield:
"How competitive it is."
Do something else, market is way under payed.

Electrician in Wood Dale:
"I like that we aren't constantly doing the same thing."
Pros: I like that your always learning something new each day and constantly moving. Different work envoirnment not like the typical job.
Cons: My least favorite about my job is the travel time to get to each job site it can take up to 2 hours for our commute.