Electronics Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Electronics Technician?

Electronics Technician in Pittsburgh:
"A new project daily."
Pros: The hours worked. Some of my coworkers.
Cons: Getting mandatory overtime and not getting paid. Having others with less qualifications and seniority getting promoted before me without going through proper procedure. No significant raises or performance evaluations on a regular basis.

Electronics Technician in Chicago:
"The demand to be a "multi-trades" electrician (and mechanic)"
Safety first!!! Always! Keep your head on a swivel! Obey all OSHA standards. Watch out for your co-workers. Learn as much as you can.

Electronics Technician in Reno:
Pros: The experience gained and training received.
Cons: Working for uncertified or unqualified personnel.

Electronics Technician in Radford:
Get on-the-job experience while going to school if possible.

Electronics Technician in Norfolk:
"Willing to travel."
Pros: Leading and mentoring personnel.
Cons: Extended travel over six months.

Electronics Technician in Fairfax:
"Electrical Engineering Internship."
Be patient and calm. Do your job well. Do not destroy tarnish or metal coatings if working installing something. When you need to create a good product install things well things delicately and not with any harshness.

Electronics Technician in Phoenix:
"Always New Things."
In a R&D Lab there are always new projects, always new technologies, always new ideas. This keeps you fresh, keeps you engaged and keeps you on top of your game.