Head Teacher Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Head Teacher?

Head Teacher in Oakdale:
"Give Head Start staff a head start."
Pros: I love the staff at my head start. We all get along very well. The work is very rewarding.
Cons: I'm doing the same amount of work and have more experience and training than some of my co-workers but I'm getting paid less, but honestly all of us need a raise for the work we do. The job is very fulfilling if management will let you work the way you need to. It is not a good environment when you are getting threatened about losing your job.

Head Teacher in Waco:
Learn all requirements related to the job and ask what the expectations are in your role as teacher and the expectation for children's learning outcomes.

Head Teacher in midrand south africa:
"A day a time."
Take each day as it comes. Be calm. Choose your battles carefully.

Head Teacher in Stamford:
"Keep going."
In early childhood ed, do not stop pursuing advancement in your degree. Keep going. I didn't and I'm stuck. Get your masters at least and you'll make more money and have more job options. Don't stay in one place too long if you want to advance your position, get as much experience as you can!

Head Teacher in Annandale:
"I like to change my work enviroment."
Be mindful for what you are doing for children you are working with. Be polite to communicate with parents. Be honest with principal. Be on time. Smile all the time. Watch your tune when you talk.

Head Teacher in Perryville:
Pros: I love working with students, especially those that have a hard time understand the concepts.
Cons: Sometimes trying to communicate with parents can be challenging!

Head Teacher in Milwaukee:
"Harder Than it Looks."