Heavy Equipment Mechanic Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic?

Heavy Equipment Mechanic in Beaumont:
"Its good."
Pros: Money
Cons: Traffic

Heavy Equipment Mechanic:
The Coastline Equipment mechanics in Santa Ana California have what it takes to do the job but better leadership is needed to set a high standard example. If the leader lacks enthusiasm some will follow than others will do the same. There is no oversite at any department. Whether it is insuring parts are accounted for and there are no personal items being ordered or everyone is working as scheduled and taking there breaks as per policy. There is no dedication by anyone due to the lack of leadership. Now I here that the same person who is supposedly is the supervisors go to guy is the same one who spends to much time on his phone and not enough time staying on his job. Coastline really needs good leadership or maybe earning your pay check no longer applies to most. The problem is, anywhere you go, their is no one with experience to handle this type of work as supervisor or mechanic. You can call it growing pains or bad judgement in hiring bad supervisors either way it takes experience and the right frame of mind to get things done. Without good leadership it will be a struggle and people will continue to be unhappy. Someone has to oversee what is going on or money will be wasted.

Heavy Equipment Mechanic in Denver:
Pros: Independence to make decisions without much oversight or questioning.
Cons: Lack of personal growth and training. There are no options for career growth.

Heavy Equipment Mechanic:
They are inconsiderate, do not pay well at all and do not like to give pay raises. They do not care about your needs only that you take care of them. They took away the Christmas bonus and keep uping the insurance. I do not recommend this company to anyone.

Heavy Equipment Mechanic in Duffield:
"Good working conditions."
Pros: Close to home
Cons: Nothing

Heavy Equipment Mechanic in Spearfish:
Pros: Nice place to live
Cons: Politics at work