Housekeeping Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Housekeeping Manager?

Housekeeping Manager in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina:
"I love working here."
Pros: The beauty
Cons: Not enough good restaurants, cost too much to live here

Housekeeping Manager in Kaufman, Texas:
"A Dream Come True, Right at Home!"
Pros: Close to my children. Not far to drive.
Cons: The pay. The hours. Some days get pd. Hourly some days per room. No benefits, No bonus, No pd. Vacation, No sick days, No insurance.

Housekeeping Manager in Colorado Springs:
Pros: People I work with
Cons: Pay

Housekeeping Manager in Kent:
"Human Resources."
Be ready to invest your time.

Housekeeping Manager in Brunswick:
"Small College Town."
Pros: I like the town and the area. We have a lot of sports teams that come to our hotel since it is college town. Very nice restaurants and its beautiful in the summer time.
Cons: The job industry around this area is very small. Not a lot of good paying jobs.

Housekeeping Manager in Charlotte:
Pros: Working with a big team, managing different personalities.
Cons: Long hours, high stress, endless coaching and counseling.