Human Resources (HR) Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Human Resources (HR) Assistant?

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in San Antonio:
"Long on effort, short on pay."
Pros: The traffic is almost never very bad, and most work is close to home.
Cons: Working in San Antonio is a little like playing for a participatory softball league. You are offered a token of participation, but rarely receive any tangible award for achievement. Pay, advancement, and high paying jobs are almost non-existent.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Sheboygan Falls:
"Emotional and Stressful."
Pros: Administrative work and helping employees.
Cons: Full-time work and part-time school. If work is needed to be done at home, it's unpaid overtime (saved as vacation), unpaid phone usage, and work takes away school and family time. Basically living off between 4-6 hours of sleep each night. Unhappy with current situation.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Roseville:
"I love my job. Working with every level of upper managament."
Pros: Working with great people.
Cons: No bonuses.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Hyde Park:
"This is no one's dream job."
Pros: Its stable and you make decent money.
Cons: No matter how advanced of a degree you have in the field, you always start as the assistant.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Norcross:
"Receive a certificate in human resources."
Go and get a certificate.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Grass Valley:
"A learning experience."
Pros: The opportunity to learn and develop myself into a very necessary component of the company. I also enjoy being there to aid all of our employees, and to be their medium in the company.
Cons: The element of making a legal mistake that could cost the company, or pose a liability for myself & the company.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Madison:
"Mostly beneficial."
Pros: Working with candidates.
Cons: Poor management.