Human Resources (HR) Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Human Resources (HR) Assistant?

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Roseville:
"I love my job. Working with every level of upper managament."
Pros: Working with great people.
Cons: No bonuses.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Hyde Park:
"This is no one's dream job."
Pros: Its stable and you make decent money.
Cons: No matter how advanced of a degree you have in the field, you always start as the assistant.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Norcross:
"Receive a certificate in human resources."
Go and get a certificate.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Grass Valley:
"A learning experience."
Pros: The opportunity to learn and develop myself into a very necessary component of the company. I also enjoy being there to aid all of our employees, and to be their medium in the company.
Cons: The element of making a legal mistake that could cost the company, or pose a liability for myself & the company.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Madison:
"Mostly beneficial."
Pros: Working with candidates.
Cons: Poor management.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Rantoul:
Pros: Company won't close.
Cons: The pay.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Santa Fe Springs:
"Work Flexibility."
Pros: I like that my manager doesn't micro-manage me, its easy to get time off, its stable and I get the weekends off. I also make decent pay.
Cons: Its not challenging anymore. I wish I could work part time until I finish my schooling. Policies are not practiced consistently. Undermined, and my relationship with my boss isn't that strong. Not sure if I am doing a great job and if I have potential to do more.