Human Resources (HR) Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Human Resources (HR) Assistant?

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Charleston:
"Management is the determining factor of how well an organization succeeds or not."
Pros: The people that I’ve met.
Cons: The cost of living is high.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Salt Lake City:
"Working in Salt Lake City, UT is great, except for the stagnant wages..."
Pros: Not too crowded, but still a city atmosphere
Cons: Stagnant wages, rising house prices

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Dyersburg:
Pros: Convenient traffic and commute.
Cons: Cost of living.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Fremont:
"Far commute."
Pros: I am around a lot of food places.
Cons: There’s a lot of interesting people around.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Fort Wayne:
"What's my Value."
Pros: It's my home and I like the environment.
Cons: The icy winters.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Charlotte:
Pros: It allows me to develop professionally.
Cons: I hate working at a desk; competitive culture; stress.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Minneapolis:
Pros: I like that I get to learn a lot about the different functional areas of Human Resources. I have gotten to help out in benefits, payroll, recruiting, LOA's and have been the contact for general Human Resource questions. My supervisor is an all-star and I am grateful that I have such an awesome supervisor.
Cons: I dislike how slow it is for me sometimes. I want to be busy but there are days in which I crave to do more work. I also dislike how little I get paid in comparison to other companies paying for the same position.