Insurance Claims Adjuster Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Insurance Claims Adjuster?

Insurance Claims Adjuster:
Great benefits, constant performance feedback, fair. Drawback is work/life balance but not sure there is a way to adjust as it comes with the nature of the job. The culture of my team is supportive, supervisors have changed 3 times but again, may be nature of the work.

Insurance Claims Adjuster in Tampa:
"You get out what you put in."
Pros: The weather is pretty much the same all year round
Cons: Traffic is HORRIBLE!

Insurance Claims Adjuster in Silver Spring:
"The plan for my department to grow with employees was not followed."
Demand more money

Insurance Claims Adjuster in Columbus:
"New to Adjusting."
Pros: Busy, plenty if jobs. Looking for upward movement.
Cons: Unprofessional people who somehowget hired with you.

Insurance Claims Adjuster in Hot Springs National Park:
Stick with it.

Insurance Claims Adjuster in Salt Lake City:
Pros: Everything is going well, no complaints.
Cons: Everything is going well, no complaints.

Insurance Claims Adjuster in Chicago:
"Constant, detailed.relentless."
Pros: There is always something to do, and every claim is different.
Cons: Software needs to be updated.