Inventory Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Inventory Manager?

Inventory Manager in Macon:
"Sometimes good."
Pros: Close to home
Cons: Pay scale

Inventory Manager in Virginia Beach:
Cons: I wish that it would be a set responsibility list, being the got to for a variety of things is nice except when you get paid for only the things on the list.

Inventory Manager in Acworth:
"Boss that wasn't discriminating against females."
Pros: Nothing good about this company .
Cons: My boss don't like women me being the only woman in the warehouse he has pushed me out of my job lied on me and gave my job to a male employee that I trained . My boss was handed his position and dont know anything about what to do. He has came to me to show him how things work and then he has me fired.

Inventory Manager in Hoffman Estates:
"No matching 401K."
Not that great.

Inventory Manager in Atlanta:
"Great company."
Pros: Every day brings new opportu ities to help solve many issues that arise from massive company growth.
Cons: Long hours, minimal work life balance.

Inventory Manager in Olympia:
"Lack of loyalty towards employees."
Pros: Working with animals.
Cons: Lack concern for their employees.

Inventory Manager in New Haven:
"New Haven Manufacturing."
Pros: Relatively close to home, better than commuting to Stamford or New York.
Cons: Bad Traffic. Makes commuting a headache.