Junior Graphic Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Junior Graphic Designer?

Junior Graphic Designer in Minneapolis:
"Its been a great learning experience."
Pros: The environment and work load
Cons: Miscommunication in some parts of the company

Junior Graphic Designer in Latham:
"Just Ok."
Pros: Close to a lot of restaurants, businesses, Albany
Cons: the commute on I-87 to get there

Junior Graphic Designer in Boulder:
"Bike for Lunch."
Pros: Getting out of work and having quick access to trails and rides.
Cons: High cost of living.

Junior Graphic Designer in Lehi:
"Corporate Culture."
Pros: I stay very busy. I enjoy working on the projects and working in adobe products. And doing some design.
Cons: Not feeling the labeling department is valued. Not feeling paid enough. I am doing a lot of work.

Junior Graphic Designer in Los Angeles:
Pros: Friendly, fast-paced, team-oriented.
Cons: Quiet, undervalued, small-business.