Meat Clerk Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Meat Clerk?

Meat Clerk in Athens:
"Meat Clerk."
Pros: The work is enjoyable and you can take pride in what you do.
Cons: No matter how well you do at your job you are never thanked or rewarded for your hard work. If you start taking on extra work you are expected to do it for the same pay and the overall dynamic of the company makes it more beneficial to slack off than it does to prove yourself. If you go above and beyond you feel like you’ve been taken advantage of after a while.

Meat Clerk in Burbank:
Pros: Amazing people in department.
Cons: Back breaking work.

Meat Clerk in Cedar Rapids:
"I I deserve to be paid more!"
Pros: Interacting with other employees and customers.
Cons: The amount of cleaning responsibilities compared to customer service.