Medical Records Clerk Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Records Clerk?

Medical Records Clerk in Farmington:
"Quality Assurance is a Priority."
Pros: I like making sure that nurses' visits and orders are completed in a timely manner so that billings can be made promptly.
Cons: The low pay.

Medical Records Clerk in Show Low:
"Medical record review."
Pros: I like the work place and my coworkers are fun to be around and make working a more pleasant place to be. I like helping people with their questions and concerns.
Cons: Doing more than what my job description describes and not getting noticed how much more I do.

Medical Records Clerk in San Marcos:
Pros: I like that everything is a short drive away. Getting to work takes no more than 20 minutes.
Cons: The pay could be better. Cost of living is a bit high .

Medical Records Clerk in Lompoc:
Pros: Not having to commute to work saving me gas and the opportunity to be close to my two year old son in case of an emergency.
Cons: Job pay is very low and jobs are minimal in my area.

Medical Records Clerk in Italy:
"I really like it."
Pros: Everything I love my job and the people.
Cons: The pay I don't feel like the pay is enough.

Medical Records Clerk in Goleta:
Pros: Fast pace.
Cons: No music.

Medical Records Clerk in St. Louis:
"A head of many hats."
Pros: I like my job because I can see my progress.
Cons: I do more work than I should be expected to do for my hourly rate.