Mental Health Counselor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Mental Health Counselor?

Mental Health Counselor in Longview:
Pros: That I can help make someone's day a little better.
Cons: Stressful, tiresome, dangerous at times.

Mental Health Counselor in West Des Moines:
"Rewarding, Flexible, Great environment."
Pros: My job allows me to help others through teaching them life skills they need to function on their own. It also allows me to teach parents appropriate ways to help their children learn or function. My co-workers are incredibly understanding and always available to provide support.
Cons: I have to utilize my own vehicle to transport my clients around town. I average about 2000 miles a month. I don't receive any compensation for using my own vehicle and I am responsible for all maintenance costs. My clients can be ungrateful for the services I provide. Most clients don't actually want to work with you. Most parents don't care that you're there to help them and would rather not see you. I have to utilize my own personal cellphone for work.

Mental Health Counselor in Morristown:
"Rewarding, interesting, stimulating, emotional, stressful."
Pros: Helping others; seeing clients get better.
Cons: Low pay, little advancement, limited staff.

Mental Health Counselor in San Diego:
Pros: Great working directly in The field.
Cons: Bad Pay and flexible schedule With High crisis cases.