Nursing Director Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Nursing Director?

Nursing Director in Boise:
"Boise is the best."
Pros: Family friendly
Cons: Low wages

Nursing Director in Hilo:
"Ensuring the provision of quality patient care."
Pros: Working with my clinical team.
Cons: Work load.

Nursing Director:
Creates a wonderful community for the employees. Insurance is competitive , pay is less than hospitals in the area but that would be expected in primary care. The people who work here truly care for the community.

Nursing Director in Warren:
Pros: i like how rural it is
Cons: too far from my home

Nursing Director in Cincinnati:
Pros: Formed relationships
Cons: Weather

Nursing Director in New York:
"Seasons of Change."
Pros: I love NY. I was raised on Long Island, educated and worked in Brooklyn and NYC. I love the city culture but I live in the country and love the changes of the seasons.
Cons: Commuting is difficult; by train or car, it's just exhausting.

Nursing Director in Fresno:
"I love it."
Pros: I like that we are in the mid valley and are close to the ocean, mountains.
Cons: The hot wether.