Photographer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Photographer?

I held a low paying job at this positive, family oriented company. No negotiation for anything. Employees were friendly and treated with a family vibe. Salaries overall are on the low end. Extremely high turnover rate for new hires. Entrepreneurial spirit.

Photographer in Bastrop:
"Understand what your position means."
Check around the surrounding area to find out what others are making and compare it to your job and what you should be making. These are very technological skills that a lot of people try to cut corners around. Know your worth and make sure the company does as well.

Photographer in Grand Prairie:
"I love it."
Pros: I get to greet people as they vome through. It is difficult sometimes because you have to deal with angry people ,but its worth have to be able to accept rejection well cause you do get alot of people who dont want to take photos. However when you take the photos or you find out people but the photos you took it feels great.
Cons: Some customers are rude and will blame bad photos on you completely ,even if its nothing you could fix. I work in the sun all day.

Photographer in Phoenix:
"Gotta earn that cool title."
Be prepared to work lots of overtime, weekends, be the person orchestrating everything, ultimate responsibility is yours, must be friendly, charisma matters, know your niche, and never stop learning how to be better.