Press Operator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Press Operator?

Press Operator in Albertville:
Pros: Close to home
Cons: Bad job opportunities

Press Operator:
It used to be a good company to work for, but about 6 years ago they hired a new plant manager, and he fired the 6 guys that worked in management for 20-30 years who knew what they were doing, and installed about 20 of his own people, who didn't have a clue. When you try to explain it to them, they ignore you and force you to do it their way, which loses time and production, which they then hold you responsible for. I like the actual job, it was difficult learning the Littell machine and the coater press, but I did learn it well. I made good numbers and no rejects, but once my supervisor on second shift retired, the first shift supervisor Louis Partite told him he would get me off the coater, and after 3 years he figured out a way to do it. He wanted one of his shift guys to get my spot. I made the mistake of not going to the union and fighting for my job, because after he did that, I was constantly hassled by the new second shift supervisor, who was hired on Lou's recommendation. One night he came out of the dark in the parking lot as I was taking a break, and accused me of being impared and sent me home. I was not impared, but it was enough to get me fired. I was cheated out of a job I worked hard to learn how to do well, all to have it stolen from me for no good reason. They even gave me a review about 6 weeks before they took me off the coater, and I passed. There is no coordination between shifts, everyone is on a different page in management. They tend to stick work on

Press Operator in Minneapolis:
"Working in Minneapolis is great."
Pros: How close it is to home
Cons: The weather conditions

Press Operator in Trenton:
Pros: The money
Cons: Dirty hard work long hours hard physically.

Press Operator in Lafayette:
"Fast pace."
Pros: Learning new things. Challenging my mind.
Cons: Pay.

Press Operator in Hopkinsville:
"Factory work."
Pros: Health benefits.
Cons: The travel distance.

Press Operator in Barberton:
"Not bad."
Pros: Its close to home and some big companys.
Cons: None.