Production Planner, Manufacturing Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Production Planner, Manufacturing?

Production Planner, Manufacturing in Woonsocket, Rhode Island:
Pros: location is close to home
Cons: the pay

Production Planner, Manufacturing in Racine, Wisconsin:
"Better Opportunties."
Pros: Close to family / Convenience
Cons: Small Town / Lower pay

Production Planner, Manufacturing in Seneca:
"Planning - Automotive Industry, Opportunities & Challenges."
Pros: Constant opportunity to push myself and grow - Daily facing new challenges and feeling my work makes a difference for the organization as a whole. I am a valued member of the team and my contributions are appreciated and recognized. High-Pressure and Elevated Stress in many daily job functions and interactions - Learning to manage this well is an excellent barometer for personal growth and longterm opportunity to build security as a valued asset within the team as a whole.
Cons: No job is without its ups and downs - Planning can be fast paced and extremely stressfull, there is minimal margin for error and any errors made must be immediately course-corrected, learned from, and not repeated. It is easy to feel overwhelmed if one does not channel the apprpriate mindset and energy to rise above seemingly impossible situations.

Production Planner, Manufacturing in Wooster:
"Fast paced."
Pros: Negotiating with customers.
Cons: Prioritied Change minute to minute.

Production Planner, Manufacturing in Groton:
Take advantage of education opportunities a company may offer you.

Production Planner, Manufacturing in Rochester:
"Its challeging, in a good way most of the time."
Pros: I like that I have a direct impact in the overall outcome of production. It "is" where things happen. Its the only job I have had where team players do matter - I have been one, and have needed one many times. I have the best coworkers I have ever had in any of my previous jobs. Truly smart and kind people (90% of them at least).
Cons: Knowing who to listen to at crucial decision points is critical, whatever you choose, will follow you (not your advisor). Sometimes decision making is needed at points where not a lot of information is available - hence the wrong decision is made and cleaning up the mess afterwards gets pretty ugly pretty quickly - and one ends up with the hot potato.