Production Team leader Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Production Team leader?

Production Team leader in Ridgway:
"The job itself is great, I love my job. Do not get compensated fairly for the amount of work that is done on the average day."
Pros: Learning new things, working with CNC Lathes and Mills. Working directly with people and problem solving.
Cons: The moral is completely gone. We are treated as tools, as a number, instead as people.

Production Team leader in Huntsville:
Pros: Not having someone looking over your back all the time
Cons: Lack of communication and constant change of the schedule.

Production Team leader in Austin:
"Poor austin."
Pros: Friendly people
Cons: Pay

Production Team leader in Manitowoc:
"Everyone knows your name."
Pros: Close to family
Cons: Small town, not much around

Production Team leader in Roanoke:
"Stable but hectic."
Pros: There is always plenty of work and sometimes OT 4-6 hours a week in some cases. Production techs all work well together.
Cons: Miscommunication, bad planning cause unobtainable deadlines in some case. Over promise to the customer under deliver. Office persons out number shop workers. Training between in-house staff and HQ staff is always different. Lack of procedures cause multiple issues.

Production Team leader in Owatonna:
"Number of hours ofMandatory overtime."
Organizational skills, and know your work flow to stay ahead of the assembly line.