Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA)?

Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) in Saginaw:
"My job."
Pros: I love my patients. I enjoy making them feel good and better.
Cons: My boss. He never pays on time and is always constantly complainjng.

Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) in Corbin:
Pros: The Physicians, staff, and the Patients are wonderful to work with and for, and minus the pay, I simply LOVE my job!
Cons: The pay. Although not a nurse, we do many of the same things in our office.

Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) in Bay City:
"My Joy In Helping."
Pros: I love working with people and ensuring that they feel better before they leave our clinic and get them to smile. It is important to me to provide wonderful care and make them feel that they are welcomed anytime they need us. My patients are a blessing to me.
Cons: I feel that if we are able to receive constructive criticism when it is needed, that we should also be thanked and showed that we are appreciated when we do our job. Most of the time, they tend to focus only on the wrong doing and forget to give us our "Good Job, WELL DONE."