Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA)?

Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) in Chicago:
"It's a fast paced city, with high demand."
Pros: Serving my city.
Cons: The neighborhoods high crime.

Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) in Tawas:
"Can be stressful can be rewarding."
Pros: Patients.
Cons: It's all in who you know in how you get a raise or promotion. Not based on your work.

Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) in Oklahoma City:
"Time Management."
Work hard. Take care of your Dr and patients. Do not get in the office drama. Absolutely unnecessary.

Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) in Dallas:
"You must have a love for people, a heart of compassion to se."
Your integrity is on the line, and peoples life are in your care. If its your family, how would you treat them??

Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) in Brighton:
"Good and Bad."
Pros: The things I love most about my job would be the fact that I work in a pediatricians office. I get to build bonds with children and be apart of their growth.
Cons: The lack of flexibility of hours that our office gives us. Forced to work severely ill or being frowned upon for leaving 20 minutes early to make it to the latest appointment available for yourself to be seen. Rude management. Not always treated respectively.

Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) in Santa Maria:
Pros: Everything. I stay busy.
Cons: 1/2 staff are negative. Pay can be a little better. Management can be a little better.

Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) in Gastonia:
Pros: My responsibilities include answering phone calls. Phlebotomist. Assist the physician with procedures. Stock of all rooms. Inventory management. Medical immunization records review. Greet patients with the best care. Monitor vital signs. Enter all vitals in to the electronic medical records system. Make the patient feel welcome in the office. Assist all patients with any questions or problems they may need answered.
Cons: The worst part of my job is never knowing when I will be getting off from work.