Relationship Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Relationship Manager?

Relationship Manager in Corpus Christi:
"Is very stressful position.Is not about what is best for the customer is all about the sales the more you sale the better employer you are uf you don’t meet the sales number you are subject to loose your job."
Pros: The interaction with customers
Cons: The hours I work 7 day a week and not allowed to take a holiday vacation because they block all those days.

Relationship Manager in Nashville:
"Great company great city."
Pros: Network of people, always something to do
Cons: Tourists

Relationship Manager in Tampa:
"You see people from all walks of life and all statuses."
Pros: Get to meet people from allover the world and I loved to help all my clients.
Cons: Sometimes traffic, but other than that every one is very easy going.

Relationship Manager in Savannah:
"Keep record."
My advice would be to do your best and stand out. Seek out opportunities to be helpful, volunteer to be an extra set of hands and go above and beyond the call of duty. This type of attitude sets you apart from the rest and makes you more valuable and less replaceable.

Relationship Manager in Sydney:
"Its satisfying."
Cons: Being given ad hoc tasks.

Relationship Manager in Vancouver:
"Fun and social job."
Pros: Interacting with customers and co-workers all day long.
Cons: Nothing.

Relationship Manager in Falmouth:
"It's great assisting clients achieving the financial goals."
Pros: Conducting relationship reviews and discover their financial live priorities. By matching their existing goals with products that help the customer create better financial independence. It makes you feel great that you help your clients accomplish their dreams and also help to the their family lives. The best review it when the customer acknowledges that you are not sales base but there to help the customer understand their financial and how to achieve it.
Cons: Where I am working market fluctuates between busy summer seasons and extremely slow winter months.