Security Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Security Manager?

Security Manager:
I have been with the company for little have three months and came to Westgate from another hospitality company. Great pay, benefits and upper management is awesome to work for. I am glad I made the change.

Security Manager in Coon Rapids:
"Underpaid, Highley Qualified, Security Manager."
Pros: I am a people person - I like the fact that in my Career I have helped save lives and make the workplace safer for all.
Cons: I am over qualified and over experienced for this position. I need a change - something that challenges me and puts my skill set and talents to good use.

Security Manager in Wilmington:
"Good work environment."
Pros: Close to riverfront, near local restaurants.
Cons: Surround area, drive time to work.

Security Manager in Des Moines:
"Strong economy."
Pros: Short commute
Cons: Pay is inadequate for position

Security Manager in Cincinnati:
Pros: Big city feel.
Cons: Amount of panhandling.