Sr. Operations Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Sr. Operations Manager?

Sr. Operations Manager in Valley Park, Missouri:
Pros: Central area in St. Louis County
Cons: long drive from home

Sr. Operations Manager in Austin, Texas:
"Great city."
Pros: The people
Cons: Traffic

Sr. Operations Manager in New York:
"Office Culture is Casual Comfort."
Pros: Schedule flexibility, casual office culture, the ability to effectively work remotely. The ability to tackle new projects with nearly complete autonomy.
Cons: Poor inter team communication that lead to unfavorable process decisions.

Sr. Operations Manager in Philadelphia:
Pros: Challenge and working in a multi cultural environment.
Cons: Office politics and having to apply for a work visa every two years.

Sr. Operations Manager in Emeryville:
"Do a good job and let people know."
Delegate. Do not do everything yourself. Build a good team and support them. Report back on your accomplishments. Support your senior leadership.