Surgical Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Surgical Technician?

Surgical Technician in Oklahoma City:
"Really good."
Pros: My boss and the surgeons attitudes and willingness to work
Cons: Coworkers and HR

Surgical Technician in Livingston:
"Pleasantly not noticed."
Pros: The work as a tech is fulfilling
Cons: That we arent noticed as anyone in the team

Surgical Technician in St. Augustine:
Pros: Beautiful city
Cons: Traffic

Surgical Technician in Pennington:
"Successful Via Experience."
Pros: The town of pennington integrates a variety of social classes, races and beliefs. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people, hearing their languages, and integrating part of their culture into my life. Why not enjoy the melting pot of human difference at capital health? We are able to maintain a different level of social, cultural needs and without bias. Maintaining common ground, and exceleratinh a peaceful approach to saving and changing lives. I love seeing the growth in and around the hospital. Pennington is a beautiful place.
Cons: My commute is based on traffic, however, I don't like to complain, 30 minutes is not too bad. If I am allowed to share my least enjoyable experience it's the staffing issues. (Nurse to patient ratio). Might I add, within some time we are hoping for improvements.

Surgical Technician in Cincinnati:
"Not much compensation."
Its a great job.