Teacher Aide Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Teacher Aide?

Teacher Aide in Sicklerville:
"You will eventually need to take a test or 48 credit hrs."
Research schools carefully. The pay scales are drastically different.

Teacher Aide in Edgewood:
Pros: Interaction with children.
Cons: Stressful when kids misbehave and don't listen.

Teacher Aide in Huntington Beach:
"Children humble all personal complaints."
Pros: The progress & development.
Cons: The caddy exchanges between Co workers.

Teacher Aide in Plymouth Meeting:
"Teacher Aide."
Help with lesson planning, input data, record behavior data, assist students with lessons. Supervise children when they attend unstructured or structured activities.

Teacher Aide in Newark:
You have to do the' dirty work'. Changing diapers/pull-ups. Cleaning. And all other duties assigned.

Teacher Aide in Victorville:
"Teaching in turmoil."
Pros: The staff is very nice as far as TA and teachers go office staff is very untolerable.
Cons: The students are all out of control. The lack steucture at home and parents reaponse is to blame staff. 50% of students cannot function to the grade level they are in and it cause problems when trying tonmeet standards.

Teacher Aide in Prattville:
Pros: Working with the kids. They challenge me.
Cons: There is nothing that I really dislike. Besides the pay. It could be better I feel.