Teller Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Teller?

Teller in Raleigh:
Pros: People are friendly and pleasant.
Cons: Not enough diversity. Very few minorities.

Teller in Fountain Hills:
Pros: They genuinely care about their employees. And the hours are wonderful. Plus the people their are kind.
Cons: I still don't seem to make enough to get by. I want to be able to pay all my bills on time, instead of choosing which ones to pay that month and which ones to not.

Teller in Philadelphia:
Pros: The benefits are good and vacation time.
Cons: The lack of hours, demandibg and low salary.

Teller in Conyers:
Pros: It's a great place to work.
Cons: The observations can be intimidating.

Teller in Honolulu:
Pros: How the company makes you feel important.
Cons: More time for one on one training before being on your own.

Teller in Corry:
"Fulfilling but demanding and harder than you think...a lot t."
Pros: Interaction with people, helping members and changing member lives hopefully for the good.
Cons: Working with people who don't feel the same way. Watching other co workers not care or work. Feeling like you are not appreciated and not being compensated for what I do.

Teller in Orlando:
Pros: Serving people and offering bank products, helping to sucess financially.
Cons: The stress that provokes some unsatisfated customers.