Tig Welder Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Tig Welder?

Tig Welder in Clearwater:
"Very lenient and understanding of situations."
Pros: Fair pay, open to suggestions, team and solo work. Paid time off.
Cons: Communication between employees and direct management.

Tig Welder in Cleveland:
Pros: Traffic is fair
Cons: Employers rely on temp agency's for employees

Tig Welder in Portland:
"Housing is reasonable traffic b."

Tig Welder in New York:
"It's hard to make a living , welders are under paid unless."
Pros: The most I like about new york is queens, it's peaceful.
Cons: The cheap paid labor work , I don't understand if I have a skill as tig welder why am I getting paid the same amount as a security guard? After 2 years I should be getting paid 17 or 18 an hour ..... It's not easy to get into the union.....

Tig Welder in Elkhart:
"No room for advancement."
Spend money wisely. Don't expect to advance.

Tig Welder in Houston:
Make sure you create a puddle with your torch and maintain the puddle with your welding rod material.