Toddler Teacher Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Toddler Teacher?

Toddler Teacher in Conway:
"Harder than you think."
Always be watching...this is the age of biting and accidents happen. Practice patience, you need a lot of patience.

Toddler Teacher in Louisville:
Pros: That I can be myself with the kids.
Cons: Fakeness of employees looking after themself and management not known how to manage.

Toddler Teacher in Evanston:
"For the Love of Children."
Pros: Being around the children. Watching them grow, and learn. Seeing their excitement about learning. Being a part of their growth and development.
Cons: Long days. Stress Level. Pay. Lack of Planning Time. Lack of Professional Development.

Toddler Teacher in Indianapolis:
"I wish I knew the level rating of the job before starting."
My advice would be to work a job like this requires dedication, commitment, patients and understanding of child development. Having age appropriate expectations will save you a lot of stress. It is a rewarding at times stressful job but to have impact on young children lives and their journey through education is Beautiful and makes it all worth it. Be encouraged and smile through the frustration.

Toddler Teacher in lawrence ma:
"The right place to work."
Never work at ywca in lawrence ma I had the worst expirience being there the supervisor treats you like you exist .The stress level is high and there is a lot gossip.

Toddler Teacher in West Chester:
"Teaching Toddlers."
Pros: I like most being able to help toddlers see things in a new light.
Cons: I don't like the gossip that goes on in the work environment. I also don't like the feeling of being looked down on by others with more experience.

Toddler Teacher in Oceanside:
"How to get more money in this field."
If your in it for the money its not the right job. Patience is a big quality you must have to work with us age group. Also a good group of team teachers.