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Why PayScale MarketPay?

When the HR department reorganized, placing compensation under talent management instead of benefits, the current system’s shortfalls became even more apparent. Not only did a single, ad-hoc comp evaluation take an hour (or more), the lack of real-time information and reporting capabilities made it almost impossible for HR to use compensation strategically.

“I can pull together an ad-hoc compensation recommendation in 10 minutes, instead of an hour. I wouldn’t have had bandwidth to work on other projects before MarketPay. We would have had to rely on consultants. When I tell you that MarketPay changed my life, it has seriously changed my life. I can’t imagine doing compensation work without it now.”
Michelle Huse, Manager of Compensation

Pain Points:

Saved time and increased efficiency
Began using compensation strategically
Stayed ahead of new FLSA

The Results:

Saved time and increased efficiency

Before MarketPay, HR needed 12 months to benchmark 1,500 positions. Today, that process takes less than a week, enabling Huse to focus on more strategic projects, like executive compensation and FLSA requirements. “With MarketPay, I just load all my data and benchmark everything. It’s much faster because everything is in one place, and it’s so easy to use.”

Increased confidence in HR department recommendations

With MarketPay’s built-in analytics, Huse can create professional, data-driven reports in minutes. “Because the reports are easy to read, our leadership not only understand what the data is saying, they understand where the data is coming from. Their confidence has grown in HR’s ability to provide recommendations. They know I’m not steering them down the wrong path.”

Began using compensation strategically

Prior to using PayScale MarketPay, compensation was stuck in an old role: that of a benefit. Today, compensation is a key component in Baylor’s recruiting and retention strategy. “With MarketPay, we’re less tied to policy and more concerned with what we can do to recruit and retain the right candidate,” said Huse.

Stayed ahead of new FLSA requirements

Streamlining compensation analysis through MarketPay has also given Huse more time to focus on the details of the new regulations. “We’re not like a corporation, where you can just say ‘This is how it is.’ We have to make the FLSA changes work for all our departments. That means having conversations. It’s very high touch. Without MarketPay, I wouldn’t have had the time to focus on this project.”

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