The New Total Rewards: 6 Key Compensation and Benefits Trends


The New Total Rewards: 6 Key Compensation and Benefits Trends

Top HR leaders know that it’s the people who drive business results. Yet, in today’s hot job market, employees and candidates have more choices than ever before in terms of where they take their talents.

That’s why having a strong, differentiated total rewards package can have powerful benefits, including increasing the quality of your candidate pool, improving retention, creating organizational alignment, boosting your reputation, and your bottom line.

In order to provide a rewards package with that type of impact, HR leaders need to not only be aware of the latest trends in compensation and benefits – but they also need to be able to act on them. Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • About the latest compensation trends, such as increased spending on variable pay, as well as how top performing companies are doing comp differently
  • The latest developments in the employee benefits space, such as personalized benefit packages, consolidation of the total rewards experience, and increasingly popular non-traditional benefits like student debt consolidation and pet insurance
  • How and why you should apply these trends to your total rewards strategy
  • How top organizations are making compensation and benefits part of their overall employee experience – best in class examples