Account Executive Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Account Executive?

Account Executive in Austin:
Pros: Quality of life
Cons: Cost of Living

Account Executive in New York:
"Fast-paced, never boring."
Pros: The city is fast-paced and there is always stuff happening. There are so many opportunities and inspiration everywhere.
Cons: Sometimes it takes a while to get to meetings or to get anywhere and you need to plan accordingly.

Account Executive in White Plains:
"Working in White Plains, NY."
Pros: Work has a more familial feel as companies tend to be smaller. Work hours are also more manageable. For the most part, people sign off when they're supposed to.
Cons: My salary is lower than that of my colleagues in NYC, despite having more responsibility because I work for a smaller agency. Additionally, despite trying to foster a flexible work enviroment, you have to coordinate with your colleagues a lot more because of the limited staff.

Account Executive in West Orange:
Pros: The amount of business in the area
Cons: Heavy traffic

Account Executive in Bloemfontein:
"Effective management."
Pros: Operational success.
Cons: Work flexibility , Office conditions,

Account Executive in Canton:
Find out what goals are expected of you to reach and how much and how often are they increased.

Account Executive in Pune:
Pros: People and type of work.