Account Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Account Manager?

Account Manager in Houston:
"I Enjoy It Because It Is Similar To Running Your Own Business."
Pros: The freedom.
Cons: You do not know where you stand always. Especially being new with no formal sales training.

Account Manager in Richmond:
"Putting Out Fires."
Pros: Every day is different. Make my own schedule. Reliability. Stable.
Cons: Stressful. Uncontrollable.

Account Manager in Costa Mesa:
"Account Management."
Pros: Managing accounts for the world's largest distributors, direct marketers, telecommunications company's. Developing business processes and spearheading the adaptation of top tier business software (For example, Salesforce). Understanding every facet of the business and being a key asset that many people turn to for assistance, including executives.
Cons: Extremely high stress levels and an unreasonable workload for the pay structure. Lack of support roles to uplift and allow me to truly realize my potential.

Account Manager in New Orleans:
Pros: Friendly environment, good co-workers.
Cons: Stress level, lack of collaboration, lack of transparency, benefits, lack of training, not many opportunities to take courses to further our knowledge.