Account Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Account Manager?

Account Manager in Culpeper:
"Office Conditions."
Pros: I love that I have a casual dress code and make my own schedule as long as it is 40 hours every week.
Cons: I hate that I have no support from my company at all and have never met my boss in person. Also hate that my boss' boss informed me that I should be making more but has done nothing about it. As well told me my degree was not as important as I would think.

Account Manager in Jacksonville:
"Account Manager."
Pros: I enjoy working in a fast pace high volume atmosphere where there are daily task to be completed and communicating the work load in equal distribution the team is important.I have to set a professional tone as I meet daily with my peers of Managers and Administrators.
Cons: Dealing with the culture and corporate management gives me the flexibility to grow to the next level.

Account Manager in Buffalo:
"Look for advancement opportunities when they arise."
Be a yes man when it comes to new opportunities, and do not be afraid to negotiate once you have a good understanding of the business.

Account Manager in Redmond:
"One Year Review."
Pros: Work flexibility, corporate culture, working with non-profit clients.
Cons: Low salary, very little employees.

Account Manager in Charlotte:
"Good small company that is "growing""
Pros: Management is accessible and actually listen to suggestions and feedback. I like the group of people I work with. Office is very nice and we have a gym on site.
Cons: Expectation to constantly be on the phone. Taking time off around the holidays is discouraged/not fun for me because of the significant increase in workload at the end of the year. Returning to work after being out is miserable due to "dedicated" AM structure.

Account Manager in Philadelphia:
"Starting out."
Really dig in and understand your clients needs.

Account Manager in Boston:
Pros: Work flexibility, office conditions, the management, ability to have my hands in all aspects of the business.
Cons: Work long hours, feel under paid for level of workload.