Accounting Clerk Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Accounting Clerk?

Accounting Clerk in Birmingham:
Pros: My manager is great, she lets you take time off if you need it. She is not a micromanager and is very supportive. I do have health benefits (medical dental and vision). I have a 401K and pension plan. My pension plan is funded partially even if I am not contributing to it. I have paid vacation, sick days, and personal days.
Cons: No formal training, they just throw you to the wolves and the expectation of most the staff is that you are an expert even if you have only been doing it a week or 2. No type of paid maternity or paternity leave. Cannot telecommute even though I could do almost all of my job from home, with the expection of answering the phones. There is alot of turnover in other department. With the exception of my boss all of the upper staff is white males over the age of 40. Not enough time off or work life balance. 40 hour work weeks when I could have my job done in about 30.

Accounting Clerk in Overland Park:
"Laziness leads to faster advancement."
It's not what you know but who you know, laziness is rewarded better if you know the right person so why bother working hard.

Accounting Clerk in Tyler:
Be patience, stay focus on what you do at all times, don't stress out.

Accounting Clerk in Dallas:
"Turn over rate."
Research the company.

Accounting Clerk in Conyers:
"I want to be paid what im worth."
Make sure that you always upgrade your skill set.

Accounting Clerk in Aurora:
Pros: Collecting past due money.
Cons: Commute.

Accounting Clerk in Alpharetta:
"High demand and fast paced job."
Pros: Good management, flexible and understanding of personal life. Positive environment.
Cons: Stress level at times and feeling underpaid for job duties.