Accounting Clerk Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Accounting Clerk?

Accounting Clerk in Memphis:
"Office conditions are great and the management."
Pros: I love figuring out numbers and making sure everything is in the right place.
Cons: The first of the month when There is a lot to be done and if one thing is out of place it can hinder the others with time consumption.

Accounting Clerk in South Haven:
"Interesting and varied."
Pros: I like working with the customers, and the staff. I like keeping things organized and being good at what I do.
Cons: Filing.

Accounting Clerk in Chicago:
"High Stress, Low Pay."
Cons: Hi Stress Low Pay, Incompetent colleagues.

Accounting Clerk in Houston:
Pros: Nothing.
Cons: No growth opportunity. No relevant accounting experience.

Accounting Clerk in Longview:
Pros: I love the hours of operation.
Cons: Communication.

Accounting Clerk in Denver:
"Key learnings."
Make sure the company allows for yearly wage increases and doesn't have a ceiling. Also make sure they pay for your degree, if they think a high school diploma is enough look at another company.

Accounting Clerk in Buffalo:
"Be able to prioritize."
The word multi-task in a misnomer. When you have several duties to perform learn to be able to prioritize. Don't be afraid to ask your manager if you need help with this.