Accounting Clerk Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Accounting Clerk?

Accounting Clerk in Hamilton:
Pros: I like working close to home. A short commute.
Cons: I don't really have any issues.

Accounting Clerk in Chicago:
"That they not valuabe hard working people."
Dont work there.

Accounting Clerk in Atlanta:
"Southern Living is above all else."
Pros: We are full of activities constantly that are fairly easy to get to. And I work to live.
Cons: Traffic, traffic, traffic, traffic.

Accounting Clerk in Cheyenne:
"Small town living with big town ammenities."
Pros: The people and small town atmosphere.
Cons: The general lack of customer service is astonishing. I pride myself in being the exception to that rule.

Accounting Clerk in Del Rio:
"Good job with a lot of paperwork."
Pros: My job position pays well.
Cons: There's nothing challenging about my job.

Accounting Clerk in Kirksville:
"Cross train."
Cross train for all areas you can within a bank, that will make you a more valuable employee.

Accounting Clerk in Hobart:
"How stressful it would be."
Don't take on more than expected of you.