Accounts Payable Clerk Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Accounts Payable Clerk?

Accounts Payable Clerk in Great Falls:
"Monotonous Yet Rewarding."
Pros: When a month is closed with minimal correction and errors.
Cons: Let's face can be very boring!

Accounts Payable Clerk in Houston:
Pros: Consistent.
Cons: Flexible.

Accounts Payable Clerk in Gardena:
"You work harder at a Mom and Pop business."
You have to be detail orientated and must adjust you vacation and days off so the truck owner/operators get their settlement checks on time.

Accounts Payable Clerk in Houston:
"Fast Paced, low wages."
Pros: Casual atmosphere and flexible schedule.
Cons: Poor pay compared to industry peers.

Accounts Payable Clerk in Lyndhurst, NJ:
"How greedy and unfair they are to certain employees."
Don't work hard because they wont appreciate it.

Accounts Payable Clerk in Duluth:
"This is a support position."
Attention to detail. Be patient with non-financial staff.

Accounts Payable Clerk in Camp Hill:
"I do it all."
Pros: I love that I am in a position to learn many things. I am the accounting department, there is only me. I am accounts payable/receivable as well as a Junior Accountant to the CFO (minus the title or pay). I love what I do and the work I accomplish because it makes me feel like I'm doing good for the company. I'm saving them money and working hard.
Cons: I work hard - very hard - and there is absolutely nothing to show for it. I am not allowed to work overtime so I am constantly stressed due to an overage of work piling up and I feel that I am not properly compensated for what I do.