Accounts Payable Clerk Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Accounts Payable Clerk?

Accounts Payable Clerk in St. Louis:
"Working in a Big City."
Pros: I love being around so many different and talented people from many different walks of life. Your job contacts become so huge.
Cons: Commuting is the only negative aspect of working in St. Louis.

Accounts Payable Clerk in Aiken:
Do your job efficiently.

Accounts Payable Clerk in Childersburg:
Please have some type of accounting knowledge. A degree in Accounting is not necessary for the role. However, you will need to be extremely organized and have good critical thinking skills.

Accounts Payable Clerk in Houston:
"It's Alright."
Pros: I love my coworkers, they are funny and welcoming.
Cons: The poor management communication and lack of real management in general.

Accounts Payable Clerk in Columbus:
"Fun at Times, Boring Mostly."
Pros: It's very laid back and I can go to my manager and supervisor about anything.
Cons: The workload isn't enough to keep me going throughout the day and I've been threatened with having to go part time. Management is kind of shady sometimes. Supervisor with 20 years of experience was passed up for a girl with zero experiences and a degree. Supervisor is teaching new manager things even after two months on the job.

Accounts Payable Clerk in Naples:
"Good place to work."
Pros: Works with employees schedulea and helps work around it.
Cons: May be a little disorganized and contradictory at times with procedures.

Accounts Payable Clerk in Paoli:
Pros: Flexible hours when needed for family or emergency's.
Cons: No benefits or overtime to help with costs.