Accounts Payable Clerk Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Accounts Payable Clerk?

Accounts Payable Clerk in Memphis:
"Not that bad but definitely not great."
Pros: It's pretty much mostly what I know so I feel at home.
Cons: Traffic, stupid drivers mainly going to and from work.

Accounts Payable Clerk:
Love the girls I work with but upper management is horrible, could careless about you and don't give raises and like to pile on the work. Dont know why stayed so long. Owner buys companies fires everyone and throws us the work with no more pay. Accounting is on the bottom of the chain.

Accounts Payable Clerk in Oklahoma City:
"Good place to work."
Pros: Downtown is upscale
Cons: Homeless population

Accounts Payable Clerk in Bend:
"Very busy."
Pros: Good people
Cons: Too many people

Accounts Payable Clerk in Chicago:
"Wheather is unpredictable if you commute long time."
Pros: You can findajob anywhere
Cons: Traffic and road construction regularly

Accounts Payable Clerk in Wichita:
"Get more skills in field of work you're passionate about."
Get as many computer skills as possible.

Accounts Payable Clerk in Kyle:
"Experience working in kyle."
Pros: My kids go to daycare about 7 miles away and my mother lives a quarter of a mile away.
Cons: The commute is horrible I am putting the miles on my new car.