Activity Director Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Activity Director?

Activity Director in Springfield:
"Stressfull, helping others, enrichening the lives."
Pros: Putting a smile on someones face, enriching the lives of the elderly.
Cons: Management, budget, the feeling of doing a good job, communication.

Activity Director in San Rafael:
Work is physical as well as mentally demanding. Must wear many hats which makes each day interesting. Work is rewarding and rarely boring.

Activity Director in Houston:
Work with other departments, ask for help, get to know residents and families .Be a advocate for.resident.Try and form a good working relationship with your administrator and department heads.Use your time wisely.Search for good volunteers.Work with other A.D.,ask for suggestions, plan events wisely, know residents rights and be informed about hippa, take advantage of inservice training, network with other facilities, keep and open mind and be willing to learn and be a good listener. SHare your ideas.

Activity Director in Mobile:
"A demanding Job got to love your resi."
Pros: My residents smile and enjoy there day I helped put that smile there.
Cons: When someone passes on that's the hard part knowing I only got a part of there life and that's putting smiles on there faces.

Activity Director in Sioux City:
"Highly gratifying low pay."
Love what you do. Use your immagination. Residents come first.

Activity Director in Gardena:
Be creative but ask for a reasonable department budget. Also assistance.

Activity Director in Paradise:
"Paying it forward."
Pros: Helping our seniors live a happy and enriched life in long term care.
Cons: Being in Management, I spend too much time in meetings.