Administrative Assistant Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Administrative Assistant?

Administrative Assistant in Hertford:
"Don't settle for less!"
Work hard always. Go for what you want....don't give up.

Administrative Assistant in Coeur d'Alene:
"Prioritize and Organize."
Pay attention to detail & dates.

Administrative Assistant in Arlington:
"That I would get no respect."
Look for ways to advance.

Administrative Assistant in Skokie:
"Daily responsibilities of job."
Obtain all responsibilities of job in writing.

Administrative Assistant in Littlefield:
"Great people but I want what I deserve."
Pros: Fun people to work with.
Cons: No recognition or raise but always added duties.

Administrative Assistant in Huntsville:
"Able to show I am a multitask person."
Pros: Not being the same every day. Work with minimal supervision.
Cons: Stressful. A lot of responsibilities.

Administrative Assistant in Los Angeles:
"Room For Growth."
If you are interested in moving up in the company, is there room to grow. Are there openings for moving within the company. Are you compensated for education related to your job or compensated for education for upper level positions. How often do you get a raise and is it comprable to other jobs in the area.