Automotive Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Automotive Technician?

Automotive Technician in Lakewood:
"Thorough, Quality Performance."
Pros: My favorite part of my job has to be the times that I find problems with a customer's vehicle that others have overlooked. Small problems can have large, long-term consequences.
Cons: Worst part/parts of my job: Long hours without breaks(literally no 15 minute breaks, no 30 minute lunch over a 10 hour shift), which can add to the stress of being extremely busy every single day. And with an hourly pay rate ten cents above minimum wage with no overtime(strict 40 hour work week), this job is possibly worse than a fast food job in many ways.

Automotive Technician in Massillon:
"Automotive tech."
Pros: Hours, busy, co-workers.
Cons: Pay rate.