Automotive Technician Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Automotive Technician?

Automotive Technician in Doylestown:
Get out while you can, a very un rewarding field. Some can make a decent living but with the flat rate system you can become overwhelmed quickly when work is excessive or when no work is available.

Automotive Technician in Baton Rouge:
Pros: I like working at Firestone, you're an employee, but more like family. They pay for you to learn more, be the best you can be. They are international known for great work and great tires. If you do not choose to stay with this company, it will always be a great stepping stone on your resume.

Automotive Technician in Charlotte:
"Rewarding and hectic."
Pros: Able to satisfy customers issues with there vehicles and knowing we did it honestly.
Cons: Trying to stay on top of the demands of the everyday consumer and vehicle technology.

Automotive Technician in Rochester:
"Abuse on the body and mind. Long hours."
Work hard and pay attention to elders in the field. Learn as much as possible especially with electrical diag.

Automotive Technician in Appleton:
Pros: My job is very unorganized. Management is terrible, and I am very underpaid compared to the national average.
Cons: Long hours, lots of overtime, little pay, no perks.

Automotive Technician in Roseville:
Pros: All of my coworkers are fun to be around.
Cons: Long hours of extremely fast paced work and a lack of feeling like a human being based off of corporation treatment.

Automotive Technician in Doylestown:
"Flat Rate Technicians."
Formulate a plan B as you traverse the years.